Thursday, March 5, 2015

Completely redesigned timelapse slider is on the way

My previous timelapse motorised slider was sold some months ago. It was strong and sturdy, but not very portable and had some other limitations like that could not travel for more than 2hrs, could not move in a manner "shoot-move-shoot" and some minor others.
So I have addressed now all these issues. The preconditions are:
1. Portability
2. Shoot-move-shoot capabilities
3. Simplicity - the driver and power source in one package
4. Easy access to power source - just AA batteries for all (driver and motor)
5. Low power consumption - usage of DC motor

And here it is!
Prototyped electronics:

and finished mechanics:

As you can see the driver is based on popular Adruino Uno R3 which gives me great flexibility in programming of the slider behaviour.

I want to share all the details of the device so the story will continue. Subscribe to follow!

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