Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drive video fun in the mist

Mist is great. Removes so many details that we do not want to be on the photo or video frame. But this time I went out to record some video instead  photos. Took my car in the evening and played some loud music inside, sucked the camera in and outside. Afterwards I used one of the tracks in the video.
Thanks for watching!

Some technical stuff: a lot of Magic Lantern v2.3 features has been used: FPS override for timelapse: 1-2fps, custom WB settings (mainly 2000K WB), focus peak and others.

Music track used is copyright of Skrillex

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Light Move Festival, October 2012, Łódź

I am really glad that such event happened in our city. Here posted two recordings of shows I liked most. Enjoy watching!

Copyright: Łukasz Furman, Dorota Tylka, Kuba Garścia, Julia Land, Artur Lis (technical help – VisualSupport)

Copyright: Jolanta Nowaczyk, Wojciech Gąsiorowski (techincal – VisualSupport)

For details about the festival refer to official webpage.