Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Canon AF35ML. The weird lovely thing.

I found it on internet auction while browsing compact cameras category. Slightly recently bored of HDVDSLR and tired of manual focusing with rangefinder I hit "Buy now". Got it for less than $20.

Camera is perfectly described by Ken Rockwell.
Some facts: one of the first autofocus compact cameras, winder, great 40mm/f1.9 lens. Not very lightweight, however almost pocketable. Could be handy in street photography but it's not due to noisy winder and "slow shutter" (<1/30 sec.) warning beep. And, while hanging on the neck strap it is positioned vertically which forces you to rotate it to frame correctly almost each time. However I like it very much. It releases me from all that DSLR buttonology and lets me think about a shot, not technology. Brings back simplicity. Hopefully will be good everyday companion. First roll of Kodak BW400CN is out, developed and scanned, and looks great to me.

Here it is: Canon AF35ML.