Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The New Timelapse Slider - the Mechanics

As I have previously stated - the mechanics should be light and simple. I chose to build my timelapse slider around existing vieo sliders available on polish market. I picked a very simple, teflon-barings-based 80cm slider from Camrock.

I decided that the construction of the original product will be left untouched when my motorising set is attached finally. This is easy with Camrock, as it has predrilled holes on both ends.This made attachment of plates with axes easy. So I added:
- an aluminium box (or just square pipe profile) with attached 12V DC motor, 1.2Nm torque, 5.6 rot./min speed, like the one here
- a second end plate for the gearwheel
- a polyurethane belt, 6mm wide.
Motor wheel, opposit wheel and the belt are T2.5. The belt is open but attached to the bottom of the trolley with a Alu bracker, on which I cut crooves that fit the belt indents. The slider trolley is perfect in it size for my application; the recess below it perfectly fits the blt width and the whole layout (21mm x 11mm).

What I am still missing in the mechanical part is to round the end plate to have smooth corners.
The finished setup is really lightweight: