Friday, August 31, 2012

Motorized Timelapse Slider, building and testing finished!

I have been building this motorized slider for a long time now. Recently I have got it finished. Maybe it is not polished or always could be better however it does its job. Here are its features:
Weight: 9kg
Max Load: unknown :-D (lifts DSLR on fully deployed Manfrotto Magic Arm)
Travel Length: 111cm
Full length: 150cm
Travel Time: 4min - 2h
Transmission: 6mm steel screw
Speed control: PWM controller, gearbox 1:1, 1:4
Power source: 10 AA batteries (12-16V)
Motor: 12V, 0.19 Nm

  • Real speed is approximate and depends on how the batteries are used up
  • It is heavy - 9k
  • Does not fit in my car's boot

and now advantages:
  • Power source is lightweigth and easily available. It is also detachable and one can use for instance car's 12V power source
  • It is very, very stable - can hold DSLR on fully deployed Manfrotto Magic Arm in any direction
  • All cabling, control system (PWM controller) and motor are in one box inegrated with the rail
  • Can travel at any direction, even upside down (however there is no such need as the camera can traverse end of the slider usinf Magic Arm).
Music background - Max Loginov - Secret Insland

Enjoy watching!