Monday, February 18, 2013

The Routine

Morning experience with Sony RX-100!

Actually it was not that easy as I expected. Overall I like this small beast very much. But there are some quirks inside of this camera. First is (was) my struggle with maximizing dynamic range in video. Having read some suggestions over dpreview forum I have set it to Portrait creative mode and lowered the contrast to the maximum to obtain the flattest "picture style". After some shooting I discovered awful colour noise in video footage. Is my camera faulty? JPEG in Aperture priority also looked the same bad. Not in auto modes. Not in RAW. Weird. After some discussion however I have come to conclusion that lowering contrast, especially in portrait style emphasizes noise horribly! Again strange! I always considered the high contrast to be the reason of excessive noise, not low. OK, got it. I will never repeat the mistake again. Other: it is very easy to cover one or both mics while recording. Wide end very fast, long end very slow. External charger has some unexpected behaviours - sometimes charges the camera, sometimes not. Overall I am very happy with it. It is always in my pocket :-D and ready!


  1. Nice job with this video Michal, thank you for posting. How are you converting the files to edit? 5DtoRGB or something else. Assuming you are using FCPx? Very much interested.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. To be honest I haven't heard about 5DtoRGB before. I do not use FCPx either. Files from Sony RX100 are MTS AVCHD encoded. I convert them to AVI encoded with either Lagarith Loseless codec or Matrox I-Frame codec. Then all is edited in Sony Vegas.