Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sony RX100 timelapse solution

Recently I have purchased this little yet powerful compact camera. It is great, flexible, with tons of features, has decent image and video quality and possibility to bring into play shallow DOF. All in small pocketable package. But this is not another review.

Having heard many wishes that RX100 would have intervalometer built in to shoot timelapse I came to an idea that a continuous shooting mode would give a simple replacement for this feature. And: voilà! It works! Just set drive to continuous, file quality to RAW, press and hold shutter button and after some approximately 10 shots it will slow down to more or less 1 shot per 1.5sec. Pretty usable interval, at least in my case. I usually shoot timelapse on 2 or 3 second intervals. But hold on - how to lock the shutter button? Some research in the drawer and grabbed a key/mobile rubber leash. Scissors + acrylic glue + some bur tape and the tool is ready. The job is done by two square pieces of rubber glued together as a thrower of the shutter button. Check this out below:

A small opening is made for zoom manipulator. The rubber band does not interfere with any of the camera buttons or rings. It also does not cover the LCD. You can make your copy in 15 minutes :-D

Hopefully now more shutters of RX100 will be abused for timelapse ;-D !