Friday, March 23, 2012

Kutno-Berlin-Kutno - Bahn photography, Canon AF35ML

Recently enchanted by street/situation photography art from others I took my Canon AF35ML for a tour to Berlin. Yeah, this was actually a business trip. Unfortunately having no much time to spend after business hours and usually late at night if at all - I had to limit shooting time and place. By a must it became a U-Bahn/S-Bahn photo with some street night photo.
And how about the camera performance? ISO 400 inside + F1.9 lens - sounded promising to me. However as I stated recently - the camera is not well suited for street/candid photo. Early CAFS Canon AF misses in night conditions almost 50% of shots. Winder is so noisy that it would wake up the dead. But this is not the case as outside it is being jammed by ambient street noise. The last con is that is hangs vertical on your neck and must be almost always reposition it horizontally for the shot. I plan adding another strap mount on the left of the camera body to make the camera hang horizontal.

Fast food bar in Kutno

Fast food bar in Kutno

Coffee, tea, drink?


Yes, yes, yes... blah, blah, blah...

Ist das Frankfurt, oder?

The best camera is...



In U7

Zoologischer Garten

Asian bar

From U7 window

Buying or not?

Frische Brezeln

Frische Brezeln

Hbf Stairs

Hbf Stairs







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